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Arctic Drop Arm Tank 1.0

Arctic Drop Arm Tank 1.0

Regular price $40.00

Material100% Combed ring-spun cotton

Description: Designed to keep you cool, comfortable, and motivated, this tank top is the perfect companion for pushing your limits and reaching new heights.

-Crafted with precision and attention to detail, the Arctic Tank Top boasts a sleek and athletic design that accentuates your physique. The lightweight and breathable fabric provide excellent ventilation, allowing heat to escape and keeping you fresh even during the most grueling workouts.

-Moisture-wicking technology incorporated into the fabric swiftly wicks away sweat, leaving you dry and focused. No matter how intense your training session, the Arctic Tank Top keeps you comfortable and motivated, allowing you to give your all and go the extra mile.

-Elevate your training experience with the Arctic Tank Top by Last Rep. Embrace the combination of style, functionality, and durability that will take your workouts to new heights. It's time to make your mark and leave your last rep with undeniable power and confidence.