Why Choose Last Rep?

Customer Care

One thing that separates us from other gym clothing brands is how much we care about our customers. We make sure our care reflects in the quality of clothing we provide for you. Last Rep takes pride in producing quality gym clothing, and accessories to make sure each and every customer is satisfied at a 5 star level.

Another trait that puts Last Rep on another level, is making sure our customers reach another level. Last Rep wants to make sure you are set up for success. Our way of doing this is by making sure we provide you with a comfortable, and fashionable look in and out of the gym, giving you the utmost confidence.


We strive to create a family within the fitness community, that pushes, and challenges one another to give everything to be great, so we all can be great together.

Our Mission

Last Rep's mission is to inspire people through fitness, to have the mentality to give everything they have not only in the gym, but in life to achieve their goals!

The History Of Last Rep

Last Rep is a gym clothing and lifestyle brand founded in 2018 by Jared Egan, based out of New Jersey. 

"Last Rep is a mentality that all athletes can relate to. We train because it is a life style, and everyday we are trying to improve ourselves to be the best version we can be. We all have the Last Rep mentality. Give Everything!" - Jared Egan